Carwin Young


Putting a Paypal link into a form loaded with colorbox using Drupal 7's FAPI

11 Jan 2012


I hope my face relays the angst involved with this concept.

Here's what I wanted out of Drupal today:

  1. Have a main menu item load in a modal pop-up (Colorbox) instead of directing you to a page.
  2. Specifically, load the contact form link as a pop-up (and maybe newsletter subscriptions as well).

Apparently this is a huge pain in the assbutt.

Here's how to do it:

1 jQuery("#menu-532-1 a")
2   .attr("href","")
3   .colorbox();

Thank your lucky stars you didn't dick around with this for hours.

Something to note is that this will not work for forms other than Contact, User Register/Login and a few others. Webforms and the like require a highly more annoying solution involving adding the form block to an invisible region in the template and then pulling the form into colorbox manually with jquery. It doesn't look pretty and also isn't the focus of this – so back to the matter at hand.

Now is the trickiness - I needed to add some stuff to that pop-up, but the way I did it I was only loading the form itself, which means I needed to modify the form with Drupal's awesome Forms API (FAPI).

I created a module called helper to store my hooks and added this:

1 function helper_form_contact_site_form_alter(&amp;$form, &amp;$form_state, $form_id){<br/>
2   $form['some_text'] = array(<br/>
3     '#type' => 'item',
4     '#markup' => '<p>markup</p>',
5   );
6 }

Ok, yeah, that was easy. But now I need a Paypal donation link. Typically these come as forms that you copy/pasta into your site. But you can't hook a form into another form, that's stupid.

Here's a link structure you can use in a form field's #markup:

1 <a href=";;item_name=Item%20Name%20With%20Spaces">
2   <img src="" />
3 </a>